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"Hearts of Warriors"
This song is dedicated to all those who have served our country and are currently serving! Thanks for all you do!

"The Summer That Never Died"

"Rebel Blood"
This is an Interview intertwined with a Cover of Ryan Adam's "Oh My Sweet Carolina" which happens to be one of my favorite songs! Thanks to Jayde Crowe producing and editing this video! Enjoy!

Honored and blessed to have been a part of the wonderful organization ROCKERS IN RECOVERY this past year! There's freedom from addiction! Click the picture below to check out their website as well as upcoming events. You don't want to miss it, full of fun with music and rock n roll without the drugs and alcohol! 

Love my Rockers fam!!!
From Washington D.C., to Washington state, to Maryland, to Philadelphia, to Fort Lauderdale we rocked the stage!

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